Ending of FASAwareUK

FASawareUK was created in June 1999 The charity is now closing their doors. They have achieved all their idenitifed aims and objectives and the awareness of FASD in the UK is now firmly established. Therefore the time has come to hand the baton across to other UK groups and organisations to further raise awareness and to continue to progress the work in accordance with their own objectives and agendas.

Handover of FASAWAREUKThe trustees of FASawareUK agreed unanimously to select Maria Catterick, a founder and full time volunteer of FASD Network UK, to receive the cheque with the remaining balance of the charity in order to carry on the wonderful work being doing through the organisation. FASD Network UK has the same work ethic and not for profit or financial gain ethos that we have always held at FASawareUK.

A key focus at FASD Network UK is that children and families affected by FASD need to have access to informed professionals and the correct support services so that they have the opportunity to thrive. In order to achieve this, she is focussing on developing structural changes to service provision and continues to deliver training right across the professional sector. We trust that these efforts will contribute to lasting social change in the UK.

We are proud and honoured that Maria has offered to keep on developing the work that we started and wish her every success.


A big thank you to each member of FASawareUK’s trustees and committee. they have been with FASawareUK since the beginning. Thanks to each member, they have made a massive difference:

  • Anne Clayton, Carmel Blake, Teresa Thompson, Angela Bradley, Dean Bradley, Dr Gary Young, Peter Armistead, Matthew Armistead.
  • Founder Gloria Armistead MBE
  • A big thank you to Steven Aspey for creating and maintaining FASawareUK’s website since the beginning.

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