Educational Success for Pupils with FASD


This website package on Educational Success for Pupils with FASD was developed by Mary Cunningham to accompany her June 2012 FASD and Educational Success speaking tour in the United Kingdom.

This tour was organized by FASawareUK- which is chaired by founder and full-time volunteer Gloria Armistead of Billinge, Wigan, Lancashire.

Educational Success for Pupils with FASD talks took place in Stockton on Tees, Huyton (Nutgrove), Wigan, Skelmersdale, Melrose Scottish Borders, Glasgow, Manchester and Rochdale between June 19 and June 29, 2012.

Mary Cunningham is a FASD educator/advocate and parenting education consultant from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. She can be reached at She is retired from 30 years of teaching in the Ontario (Canada) education system. She is the co-author of a parenting education textbook (Parenting in Canada, 2003) and a co-founder of OCMPE (Ontario Coalition for Mandatory Parenting Education). She is grateful to many for their contributions to her understanding of FASD and the help received to cope with FASD up close and personal in her family. Much of what she understands about FASD today is because she has had the privilege of parenting a child with it. Today she wears two hats: one, that of a teacher who firmly believes those who care, teach, and the other is that of a parent of a young adult with diagnosed FASD who ‘slipped through the cracks’ in the education system.

Please note that ideas around FASD and Education are developing and in June 2012 the ideas and resources mentioned in this website were up-to-date. But keep your eyes open for new resources coming on-line. Knowledge is always improving in the FASD world because so much research is being done.

Good luck,

Mary Cunningham B.Ed. P.H.Ec.
KWC FASD Consulting
Kitchener, ON, N2P 2M9




Best of the Best Resources in June 2012


beginningW2_logoPOPFASD – Provincial Outreach Program For Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder –
This is on-line teacher education on FASD from British Columbia in Canada. This is an excellent website with a really good section on other resources, mini videos to watch on FASD as well as a lot of other really good content.


2RTEEMSReach To Teach – Educating Elementary & Middle School Children with
This is the BEST resource book I have seen yet for nursery, primary and early high school teachers, especially those just starting out with FASD. It was obviously written by teachers for teachers. In my experience these are always the best teaching resources.




2MADWWSMaking a Difference: Working with Students who have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum
This relatively new resource from the Yukon Territory of Canada is comprehensive but easy to understand. Again, obviously written by teachers, for teachers but everybody working in any capacity with children with FASD will learn a lot from this resource. I read it while I walked on a treadmill!




1TDRTHAMalbin, Diane. (2002) Trying Differently Rather Than Harder. (Purchase only) –
In my opinion this is BEST book on explaining FASD behaviours based on the permanent brain damage. Every school should have some copies of this book and every staff member who ever comes in contact with pupils should read it. Visual attached to e-mail as: 1TDRTHA